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How to create ERC-7160 tokens.
How to create ERC-7160 tokens.

Learn everything you need to know about how to create and manage your ERC-7160 tokens.

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Watch this video for the ERC-7160 walkthrough.

  1. Once your contract is deployed, you'll be directed to read more about how 7160 tokens work.

    1. Origin Tokens- These are the tokens/nfts that will be minted.

    2. Creations- These are the additional metadata assets that can be added to specific 7160 tokens.

      1. Note: You can add as many creations as you like to each Origin Token. A small gas fee is associated with this.

      2. Each Creation has its own title, description, traits, etc. Think of Creations like a gallery of artworks stored in a specific token. The collector of said Origin Token can interact with the Creations and choose their favorite Creation to display.

3. Click "Let's Create"

4. Create your Origin Token. Learn more about the Token Creation steps here:

a. If you're launching a collection of 7160 tokens, you can draft and duplicate the first token to create a collection of 7160 tokens. To duplicate a token or tokens, hover over them and select them by clicking the box at the top right of the tokens.

5. Creations can only be added to minted tokens.

6. If you plan to launch a Stack page to release the collection of 7160 Origin tokens, DO NOT mint the tokens. Stacks (mint pages) can only be launched with draft tokens. Learn more about Stacks:

7. If you plan to list the tokens on an external marketplace, you can mint the Origin Tokens. Note: you cannot edit metadata on minted ERC-7160 tokens, so make sure the details associated with this token are correct.

8. After minting your 7160 Origin Token, you unlock Multimedia Creations!

9. Click on the minted token to which you want to add new Creations. You'll automatically be redirected to this page if you've minted just 1 Origin Token.

10. To add new creations for that specific token, click the + in the grid or the + under the origin token.

11. After drafting your Creation or Creations, select them by clicking the checkmark by the artworks or click "select all draft ready" at the bottom left.

12. Click "preview creations"

13. Preview your Creation and then select "Add on-chain" in the top right corner.

14. View the Origin's Creations grid on the top right of the token page, and view the index #s.

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