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Creating Your First Token
Creating Your First Token

A walk-through of creating your first token (NFT)!

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Congratulations on deploying your first contract; here is how to mint your first token!

Creating your first token:

  1. After you've deployed your first contract, you will be directed to the Contract Dashboard

  2. Click on the contract you want to mint tokens to. This will bring you to the Token Overview page

  3. When you are ready to create your first token, click "Create New" in the box or "Create New Token" in the middle right of the page.

  4. Now fill out the General Information section, which includes the Token Title, External Link, Description, and Token Media.

    1. Token Title: This is the name of this specific token.

    2. External Link (optional): This link will appear on the item's detail page on supported exchanges like OpenSea.

    3. Description: This description will appear in the details section of supported exchanges.

    4. Token Media: This is the primary work associated with your token. File types supported: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, HTML, GLB, MP4, MP3. Max size: 300 MB

  5. Now, complete the attributes and tags.

    1. Attributes: You can create your own attributes; I created Medium and Movie as attributes for this specific example. Then I named each one Medium= AI and Movie= Planet of The Apes.

    2. Tags: Similar to hashtags on Twitter, these add visibility and discoverability to supported platforms. A tag example includes "photography," "AI," and "Skulls".

  6. Complete the "Mint Details":

    1. Token Recipients: Enter the wallet address where you'd like the token minted. Once minted, that wallet address can list this token for sale, set up an auction, etc.

    2. Next preview your token by hitting the purple button "Preview Token."

    1. If you are happy with the Token's title, Description, and Media preview, continue to "Mint Token." If you notice a typo or want to change the title, description, tags, attributes, or media file, hit "Edit Token."

    2. Mint your token by clicking "Send Transaction." We purposely made the minting process into a double confirmation.

  7. Your token is now created!

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