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Deploying Your First Creator Contract
Deploying Your First Creator Contract

A walk-through of deploying your first creator contract to the blockchain!

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Deploy your first sovereign creator contract!

Creating Your Contract

  1. After logging in, you will be taken to the contract dashboard.

  2. Click "Create New Contract " near the top-right or the "Create New" icon in the empty contract container.

  3. Select your blockchain: Ethereum, Arbitrum, or Base.

  4. Enter the contract name.

    • This will also be the name of your collection as it appears on LaunchPad and other marketplaces.

  5. The token symbol is automatically generated based on the contract name.

    1. You can always edit the symbol.

    2. Note: If you edit the symbol, and then change the contract name, the symbol will not change.

  6. Choose your contract type from the dropdown:

    • ERC-721TL, ERC-1155TL, or ERC-7160.

    • note: T.R.A.C.E. is available in The Lab. However, you need the physical chip prior to deploying the contract. If you'd like to request a chip please email [email protected].

7. There is an advanced drop-down if you'd like to change your royalty percentage, royalty recipient address, Blocklist, and Story Inscriptions. If you're happy with the default settings, deploy your contract!

a. Royalty: This is automatically set to 10%, however you can change it.

b. Royalty Recipient Address: This is automatically pre-filled with your connected wallet address. Note: You can change this by pasting a different address such as your cold wallet, if that is where you prefer to receive royalties.

c. Blocklist is automatically enabled. You can disable this.

d. Choose to enable or disable Story Inscriptions

e. Add ASCII on-chain. It could be ASCII art, a story about the work, or whatever you want. Once deployed and verified, this personal artistic mark will appear on Etherscan. This is disabled by default.

8. Deploy your contract!

What's Next?

Now that you've created your contract, you may be ready to mint your first tokens!

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