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How to use Story Inscriptions to document collaborations.
How to use Story Inscriptions to document collaborations.

Use Story Inscriptions to add on-chain provenance of a collaboration between artists.

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What are Story Inscriptions?

Story Inscriptions is a protocol developed by Transient Labs that allows artists and collectors to attach textual narratives or stories to a token they've created or own. This adds a layer of provenance and history to the token, enriching its value and context.
Learn more about Story Inscriptions here

What does it mean to document collaborations with Story Inscriptions?

Story Inscriptions not only record the history of a token on-chain but also offer versatile applications, such as documenting private sales or exhibition provenance. Importantly, they serve as a powerful tool for recording collaborations between artists. With Transient Labs’ contracts, creators can appoint an 'admin' for a contract, granting them full control. This includes abilities such as minting, enabling or disabling Story Inscriptions, and more.

Overview of the Steps:

  1. Contract Deployment: Creator #1 initiates the process by deploying a new contract specifically for the collaboration.

  2. Enabling Story Inscriptions: During the contract creation, enable Story Inscriptions. You can activate this feature anytime in the contract settings for existing Transient Labs contracts.

  3. Minting the Collaborative Piece: Creator #1 mints the collaborative artwork under the newly created or existing contract.

  4. Adding Collaborator as Admin: In the contract settings, Creator #1 adds Collaborator #2's wallet address as an admin, granting them equal control over the contract.

    1. Learn how to do this here under "Adding Contract Admins."

  5. Locating the Token on LaunchPad: Creator #1 and #2 can find their token on LaunchPad, searchable by the token name, OpenSea URL, or contract address.

  6. Adding Your Story Inscription: Document the collaboration by adding a Story Inscription. Including details like the names of all artists involved, their wallet addresses, and the collaboration date is recommended. You may also describe the story behind the collaboration or the experience of working together. Each collaborator should repeat this process for their contributions.

  7. Completion: Once all artists have inscribed their contributions, the collaboration is officially inscribed on the NFT. This record is accessible via LaunchPad or Etherscan, showcasing the collaboration's details to any viewer.

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