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Story Inscriptions FAQ
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What are Story Inscriptions?

Story Inscriptions is a protocol developed by Transient Labs that allows artists and collectors to attach textual narratives or stories to a token they've created or own. This serves as an added layer of provenance and history to the token, enriching its value and context.
โ€‹Learn how to write Story Inscriptions here >

Why should I use Story Inscriptions instead of updating metadata?

While metadata provides basic information about a token, Story Inscriptions offer a dynamic platform to continuously add new stories or events related to the token. This makes the token's history richer and more comprehensive without altering its original metadata.

Can collectors add their own stories to tokens they've acquired?

Yes! Collectors can add personal stories or experiences related to the tokens they've collected, adding a personal touch and provenance to the creation.

Do I have control over enabling or disabling the Story Inscriptions feature?

Absolutely. We give the power to the creator to decide whether they want to enable or disable the Story Inscriptions feature for their tokens. It is important to note that this would enable or disable Stories for all NFTs minted on the contract, you can turn off the ability to write Stories for certain tokens, just on the contract.

What is ERC-165 and why is it important for Story Inscriptions?

ERC-165 is an industry-standard that identifies interfaces in smart contracts. By adhering to ERC-165, the Story Inscriptions feature ensures compatibility with other contracts and seamless integration within the NFT ecosystem. This guarantees the longevity and adaptability of your stories.

I'm concerned about gas fees. How much will adding a story cost me?

We've optimized the Story Inscriptions to be cost-effective. For example, adding a 5000-word story incurs a gas cost of approximately 694795 gas. Considering that many stories will be shorter, and you can choose times of lower gas fees, this ensures an efficient and accessible experience for users.

How do I enable the Story Inscriptions feature for my tokens?

When creating your contract, ensure the "Story Inscriptions" option is enabled. If you've already deployed your contract, check your contract settings to verify that "Story Inscriptions" are activated. For a detailed walkthrough, refer to the "What are Story Inscriptions" help article.

Are there any guidelines on what kind of stories I can add?

While there are limitless possibilities with what you can add as a story, it's essential that the narrative is relevant to the token and adds value or context to it. From emotional connections and artwork journeys to provenance documentation, the sky's the limit!

Can I edit or delete a story once it's been added?

No, once stories are added, they are immutable to maintain the integrity and history of the token. Make sure there are no typos!

How do other users view the stories attached to a token?

Any user interacting with a token can easily view its attached stories, making the narratives an integral part of the token's digital journey and legacy.

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