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WTF is LaunchPad?

What is LaunchPad and how can I use it?

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Introduction to LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a tool within the Transient Labs ecosystem designed to simplify how you find and interact with digital artwork. It offers a straightforward way to search for creative works using keywords or explore using direct URLs. With LaunchPad, users gain access to our growing collection of art and can easily engage with Transient Labs Smart Contracts.

Features of LaunchPad:

Search and Discover: Quickly locate artworks in the Transient Labs catalog through keyword searches or URL browsing.

Smart Contract Interactions: Directly interact with Smart Contracts developed by Transient Labs, starting with the Story Inscriptions feature.

dApp Integration: Upcoming decentralized applications (dApps) within LaunchPad will allows for easier interaction with our smart contracts for artists and creators. Once Doppelganger is added to The Lab, there will also be a dApp in the LaunchPad to make it super easy for collectors to change which Doppel they'd like to display

What’s Next:

As Transient Labs introduces new smart contracts and features, LaunchPad will be updated to support these advancements. We aim to enhance the user experience by continually integrating new tools that facilitate engagement with digital art.

Keep an eye on the latest updates as we build LaunchPad’s capabilities. LaunchPad is your starting point for exploring and interacting with the evolving world of digital creativity at Transient Labs.

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