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WTF is Batch Minting?
WTF is Batch Minting?

What is Batch Minting?

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At Transient Labs, we are always innovating to provide the best services to our users. We're excited to introduce Batch Minting, a feature that allows creators to mint multiple NFTs quickly and economically. This guide aims to help you understand what Batch Minting is, its benefits, and how to utilize it to optimize your creations.

What is Batch Minting?

Batch Minting is a feature that enables the creation of multiple NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in a single process, allowing users to mint multiple tokens to the same address for the cost of just one token. This technology leverages ERC721TL & ERC1155TL contracts; creators can generate multiple tokens in a single transaction, saving time and reducing gas costs. Whether you need to create 10 or 100 tokens, batch minting simplifies the process, making it quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

Benefits of Batch Minting

1. Cost Efficiency: Mint 100 NFTs for only 0.02 ETH (at 50 gwei gas), representing a 30x improvement over existing solutions.

2. Time-saving: Mint multiple tokens simultaneously, saving valuable time compared to minting each token individually.

3. Gas Efficiency: With the ultra batch mint option supported by major platforms like SuperRare and Opensea, users can experience even greater gas efficiency using EIP-2309.

How to Batch Mint

Step 1: Go to your contract dashboard

Step 2: Create draft tokens by hitting "create new."

Step 3: Select the draft tokens you'd like to batch-mint

Step 4: Click Batch Mint in the lower right-hand corner

Step 5: Enter the wallet address you'd like to mint these tokens to

Step 6: Click "Mint Tokens" in the top right and send the transaction

Please explore this feature on our platform and contact our support team if you have any questions or need help. Happy Minting!

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