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WTF are Draft Tokens?
WTF are Draft Tokens?

In this article you'll learn all about draft tokens and how to manage them

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We want to assist creators by crafting a mint process that feels natural to your creative processes. Draft tokens help by ensuring you keep your mint progress. Token creation and information entry are saved automatically with every token you create. You can leave the Lab and return later and still have access to your in-progress draft tokens.
You can see that you're draft is saved by looking at the top of the token page by the "preview" button or at the bottom of the token detail page.

Draft Token Deletion

If you've accidentally made a draft you didn't want to, you can delete it! With our new multi-select user experience, you can also batch-delete draft tokens.

  1. You can select the draft tokens you'd like to delete in the top right corner of each token.

  2. Click Delete at the bottom right of the page.

  3. Confirm that you'd like to delete all selected tokens by clicking "delete."

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