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Token FAQ
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What does Transient use to store NFT data?

We utilize IPFS as the storage solution for NFT data. IPFS is a decentralized storage protocol offering permanent and tamper-proof data storage.

Can my tokens be displayed on any platform?

Yes, tokens created using Transient Labs' contracts, such as ERC721TL, can be displayed on various platforms and marketplaces that support the ERC-721 standard, including OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare. However, each platform may have specific requirements, so it's always good to check for compatibility.

My token is stuck uploading! What can I do?

If you need help uploading or minting your token, please ensure a stable internet connection and sufficient gas funds to cover the transaction fees. If the issue persists, please reach out to us for support!

How do I delete/burn/remove my token?

Burning a token involves interacting directly with the smart contract using a blockchain explorer like Etherscan. Once you locate the burn function for your contract, you can input the necessary information, confirm the transaction, and permanently remove the token from circulation. In the future, the burn functionality will be added to The Lab.

Can I change the artwork after the token has been minted?

This feature is currently unavailable in The Lab; however, feel free to contact us with any metadata update requests. In the future, you can securely update metadata using our Synergy feature.

Do you support unlockable content?

Transient Labs do not currently support unlockable content. If you are interested in this feature, consider submitting a feature request by messaging us through Intercom.

Do you support editions?

Yes, we support editions for your tokens. Mint an edition by using the ERC1155TL contract.

Why am I still seeing my burned token?

Even after a token has been burned and removed from circulation, it may temporarily appear on certain platforms due to caching or update delays. Rest assured that once a token is burned, it cannot be transferred or interacted with.

Do you support Dynamic Art?

A no-code solution for dynamic art creation is on Transient Labs' roadmap but is not available at this time while we build the core features of The Lab and assess what our users would want out of a dynamic art builder. If you have thoughts on what you want, please share them with us so we can build you the best tooling possible!

How do I mint a token?

When on a contract overview page, click on the button that says "Create Token." You can then walk through the token upload process. Learn more about how to Create a Token with this guide.

How do I view my token on marketplaces?

To view your token on marketplaces, you generally need to search for the specific token contract address or the collection's name. Once found, all the tokens under that contract should be visible.

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