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WTF are Associated Wallets?
WTF are Associated Wallets?

In this article, you'll learn what associated wallets are and how they can be used

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Associated wallets are wallets that you own and that you use regularly and want associated with your profile.

Use of associated wallets in The Lab

You are more than just one wallet. As a creator, you typically have a single wallet (hopefully hardware wallet) that you use for deploying contracts, but may want to interact with your contracts from a different wallet. Associated wallets allow you to log in and use this second wallet in addition to your deployer wallet.

With this in mind, you can log into your account with any wallet associated with your profile and we made it easy for you to add any associated wallet as an admin on your contracts. We plan to expand this to help make a more robust than any other experience available today. Some examples we have in mind are:

  • Auto-indexing of all contracts you may have deployed from any wallet you have as part of your account

  • Easy substitution of your associated wallets in forms so we can reduce the copy/paste headache

  • Security analysis of your wallet setup

  • And much more

We would love to hear from you about this feature and if you have any thoughts on how this could be utilized as we move forward!

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