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Editing Your Profile

Edit your username, display name, and email

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You can edit your username, display name, and email in the profile tab of your account details.

Navigating to Account Details

  1. Click the identicon in the top right corner of the screen

  2. Click on your username (first option)

Editing your username

You are more than welcome to edit your username at any time, but you are not allowed to have the same username as another user. Usernames can contain the following characters:

  • A-Z

  • a-z

  • 0-9

  • dash (-)

  • underscore (_)

  • period (.)

  • plus (+)

Editing your display name

You can set your display name to whatever you want. You can also keep it blank if you want to. The benefit to having a display name is that we will show that in addition to your username on public pages and even on Etherscan when you deploy contracts. This allows for more flexibility than just the username as all characters are allowed, even emojis!

Editing your email

We highly recommend that you set an email but leave it totally optional. We do not share emails with anyone. The only use for the email is so that we can notify you of updates to The Lab and to assist in account recovery if that is ever needed (for instance you don't have access to your wallet anymore).

Saving your changes

Simply click the "save" button in the bottom right and you'll see a toast notification pop up in the bottom center of the screen letting you know that it was successful!

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