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Synergy FAQ

What is Synergy and how you can use it?

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What is Synergy?

Synergy is a Transient Labs mechanism to ensure collectors are protected against metadata changes. It is evident that metadata updates are needed in certain cases, although not that often. When needed, the feature is very useful but could be abused and typically deters traditional art collectors.

To combat this, we have come up with a propose-commit scheme. In the event an update is needed, the creator proposes a metadata update. The collector can then visualize the change and approve or reject it. Once approved, the metadata is updated, but only then.

What can I use Synergy for?

  • Creators can propose metadata changes, ensuring their creative process is never stifled. Yet, the collector's consent is always prioritized.

  • Enhance the collector experience by introducing layers of exploration and rewards, as showcased in the “Pursuit of Equilibrium” collection.

  • Foster a deeper bond between the artwork and its collector by utilizing metadata updates.

How does Synergy differ from traditional metadata updates?

Traditional metadata updates can be done unilaterally by the creator. With Synergy, a propose-commit scheme ensures that collectors have a say in the approval process of metadata changes, preserving the integrity of the art and its history.

Can collectors initiate a metadata change?

No, only creators can propose a metadata change. However, the collector has the final say in approving or rejecting the proposed update.

What happens if a collector rejects a metadata update?

If a collector rejects a proposed metadata change, the original metadata remains unchanged.

Is there a limit to how many times metadata can be updated?

While there's no set limit on how many times metadata can be updated, the propose-commit scheme is designed to ensure updates are infrequent and meaningful, preventing abuse.

Are there any fees associated with proposing or approving a metadata change?

There might be associated gas fees with the propose-commit scheme. Specific costs will vary based on current gas prices and the complexity of the metadata change.

How do I enable the Synergy feature for my NFTs?

Synergy is automatically enabled when creating and deploying your own ERC721TL contract. It is important to note that Synergy is only a feature for ERC721TL contracts and not ERC1155TL.

How do I know if a metadata change has been proposed for my NFT?

The only way for a collector to be notified of a proposed metadata change is by the artist directly notifying the collector.

Do the proposed metadata updates expire?

No, they do not expire. The creator can override with a new proposed metadata update.

Can I cancel my proposed metadata update?

No, you can not. The creator can override with new a proposed metadata update.

Can the Synergy mechanism be bypassed or overridden?

No, Synergy is designed to prioritize the collector's approval.

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