WTF are Identicons?

What are they and why did we include them?`

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Identicons are a symbol of your identity within the Transient Labs ecosystem. It is generative, abstract, unique, and represents innovation.

Example Identicon

An example Transient Labs Identicon

How are identicons generated?

When you first create an account in The Lab, your identicon is automatically generated. The shape and colors used are based entirely off your username.

The shape can be one of any shape that is possible with a 5x5 grid of squares.

The colors used can be any of the following colors that are used in the Transient Labs ecosystem:

  • #7B48DF

  • #EE7B30

  • #A69C4D

  • #932792

  • #EA3323

  • #1601D1

What is the future for identicons?

The identicons are just the first item in what will become a more expanded feature of the Transient Labs ecosystem. We would love to hear your feedback on them and what else you would want to be part of your identity within our ecosystem!

What cool identicons can you generate, anon?

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