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How to launch your own "Be More Based" edition!
How to launch your own "Be More Based" edition!

Learn everything you need to know in order to set up your very own Be More Based Mint Page/ Stack.

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What is Be More Based?
Be More Based celebrates the work of several successful onchain artists, content creators, and builders. On May 15th, all artists will release their own work as a 48-hour open edition.

Think you’ve got the next viral CT meme? Follow these instructions to join us and tag us on X @transientlabs using the #bemorebased hashtag. Starting May 15th, we'll curate works to showcase on the website.

Note: We are curating works to be featured that are submitted before May 17th 2pm ET. Any submissions after this time will not be considered for feature.

How to Get Started:

  1. Join The Lab- if you need an invite, sign up here:

  2. Navigate to The Lab.

  3. Bridge your ETH from ETH mainnet to Base ETH:

  4. Deploy your 1155 Contract on Base

    1. Select the Base blockchain (furthest on the left)

    2. Name your contract whatever you'd like

    3. The contract symbol is automatically generated based on your contract name; however, you can edit it.

    4. Ensure your contract type is set to "ERC1155TL"

5. Create your 1155 edition token

  • click "create token" on your contract dashboard

  • Add the title of your piece

  • Add the description of your piece

  • Add the token media/artwork

  • Add any attributes and tags (if necessary)

6. Preview your token and mint 0 to your wallet address to set up the mint page.

  • Click "mint token" on the preview page and send the transaction.

7. Create your Stack Mint page for the edition.

  • After minting your token, you must navigate to the contract dashboard. You can do this by clicking back on the token page.

  • Next, navigate to "Stacks".

  • Click "Create Stack", select your token, and hit next.

  • Fill in the general configuration fields. This includes the name of your Stacks page, the URL slug, the payout address (where the primary revenue will be deposited), and the start time of your drop.

  • Select your Stacks Drop Type (I set mine as a Timed Edition since I wanted to follow what the other Be More Based artists did)

  • Configure your drop.

    • If you'd like a pre-sale, you can just enable it and add your allowlist. (optional)

    • Set your public sale duration. The options include 12 hours, 24, hours, 48 hours, 1 week, and no limit.

    • Set your public sale price per edition. (Note: We have an upcoming update that will allow us to split platform protocol fees with creators who have free mints. This is not enabled at the moment, so please DO NOT set your price as 0)

    • Set your maximum tokens per wallet. For example, if I set mine to 100, the wallet address ABCDE can only mint 100 tokens.

    • Click next

  • The last step is configuring your mint page!

    • Add your description of the piece and any additional context.

    • Add any informational sections (optional)

      • Use these sections to go into details of the project and really give collectors an insight into your vision.

    • Add any FAQs (optional)

      • Answer any questions collectors may have about your project here.

    • Add your links (X, Farcaster, and Website link)

  • Preview your Stack / Launch your Stack!

    • Review the mint page preview and ensure there are no typos and all the information is correct.

    • Click "Launch Stack"

    • Approve the Stacks contract by sending the tx in your wallet.

    • Send the "tx"

  • That's it! Your Stack is published and available for sharing!

    • Remember to tag us on X @transientlabs using the #bemorebased hashtag for a chance to be curated to the website.

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